Michael Weiss - Piano, keyboards, guitar and vocals

Lyrics and music to all compositions by Michael Weiss 

(Except where otherwise noted)

Supporting musicians:

Larry Hogan - Electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, and harmony vocals

Dazzey Oglesvey - Drums and percussion

Additional special guest musicians:

To be announced

Music production by Larry Hogan (Dublin Studio Hub)

Music recorded at Dublin Studio Hub in Dalkey, Ireland

and Jealoustown Studios in Meath, Ireland

Photography and Cinematography by Sean Weiss

'My Weeping Guitar Catus 1 No. 4 - Sunset Allegro For Guitar, One Tree Violin And Harpsichord Continue' 

                    Art work by Gert J Rheeders  -> https://www.gert-rheeders.fineartamerica.com